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Online Learning: Trends, Potential and Challenges
Posted on 02 April 2014 by Shahril Effendi Bin Ibrahim (Senior Librarian)
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Rose Liang
Der-Thanq Victor Chen
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Dec 2012
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Creative Education
Online learning has become an important consideration par- ticularly in higher (Kim & Bonk, 2006; Al-Adwan & Smedley, 2012), adult education (Olesen-Tracey, 2010; Cercone, 2008) and also in schools (Cavanaugh, Barbour, & Clark, 2009; Nicholas & Ng, 2009). These institutions are engaged in efforts to make online learning engaging and effective to learners. In order to do this, it would be apropos to consider the trends or tendencies of online learning as well as the potential. These trends bring forth new opportunities in light of the potential yet simultaneously pose challenges such as requiring more research and experimentation. We contend that it is necessary to develop new ways of thinking in face of the trends and challenges presented. In sup- port of our contention, we explore trends in online learning in terms of 6 issues and 4 potentials of online learning and 4 challenges for practitioners to keep in mind when designing online activities and course. (Abstract by authors)
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