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Library Policies

The TSDAS Digital Library is responsible for determining the rules for user behavior and conduct in the Library that are necessary to: Protect the rights of individuals to use Library property, materials, and services;

  • Protect the rights of Library employees to conduct library business without interference;
  • Ensure the use of the facilities, materials, and services by the greatest number of individuals;
  • Preserve those materials and facilities from harm; and
  • Ensure the safety of Library patrons, employees, and others.

The rules and regulation in using the Library are listed below. Any individual who repeatedly violates the Library rules and regulations shall be denied the privilege of access to the Library by the Library Management. Library employees are authorized to inform an individual, any act or omission which violates these rules. Such an individual will be asked to change the problem behavior to conform to the rules. If such change is not evident or forthcoming, that individual will be asked to leave the Library property. Failure to leave if asked will result in being charge guilty of a disciplinary offense. Library officers have the authority to bar any person from using library facilities for any infringement of the Library Rules and Regulations.

Membership Regulations

  • You must display your Matric Card upon entering the TSDAS Digital Library.
  • New students are advised to present their IC (Identity Card) until they receive the OUM student card.
  • Library membership privileges are not transferable. It is a serious offence to allow others to use your membership benefits.
  • Lost of OUM student/staff card must be reported to the Security Unit immediately.

General Regulations

  • Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside the Library.
  • Silence will be strictly observed. Hand phones should be set to silent mode before entering the library and not to be used at any time.
  • Users of the Library should be formally and decently attired. No short and tight skirts, dresses or pants and sleeveless shirts are allowed. The use of slippers and any form of footwear that reflect sloppiness are also not allowed.
  • Children at the age of 12 and below are not allowed in the library as they will disturb other users. Users are also not allowed to bring in pets.
  • Reservation of a seat is not permitted since the seating area is very limited. Other users have the right to have the seat if it is left vacant for more than 15 minutes.
  • All items found left behind in the Library are claimable at the Information Desk. However, the Library will not take any responsibility for any damages and loss of personal belongings that are left unattended in the Library.
  • Users must not enter the non-public areas of the Library without permission from the Library.
  • Users should not enter or remain in the Library during those times when the Library is not open to the public.
  • Cameras and other recording equipment must not be used in the Library without the permission of the Chief Librarian.
  • Users are not allowed to remove or change the placement of chairs, tables or any other furniture in the Library.
  • Users damaging Library materials or facilities of the Library will be liable to pay the full replacement cost as well as a handling charge and fine.

Usage of Computer Terminals

  • Accessing undesirable Internet sites and downloading, chatting, email, printing and circulating undesirable materials are strictly prohibited.
  • Installing or customizing any computer programmes in the Library’s computers is also strictly prohibited.
  • Reservation of computer terminals is not permitted since the number of terminals available is limited.


  • Each user is responsible for every item borrowed.
  • Users must ensure books borrowed are listed correctly in the borrowing slip and patron account in the system upon borrowing.
  • Users must ensure books returned are correctly charge-out in patron account upon returning.
  • Academic or non-academic staff who resign or on sabbatical leave are required to return all materials borrowed from the library.
  • Students who withdraw, discontinue or have completed courses at OUM must return all borrowed materials to the library. Students who fail to clear any fines or return materials borrowed from the library on completion of their courses will have their transcripts suspended. Library has the rights to ask finance division to deduct from student’s deposit.

Copyright Regulations

  • The TSDAS Digital Library will adhere to the Copyright Act as stated in Malaysian Copyright Act 1987 and amendments up to year 2000.
  • Warning notice
    Take notice that the unauthorized copying, reproducing, sharing and / or downloading of any copyrighted material or an attempt to do so whether by use of OUM’s facilities or outside networks / facilities whether in hardcopy or softcopy format, shall constitute an infringement under the Copyright Act 1987 and shall be a strict liability offence.
  • Disclaimer
    In the event of any infringement of the provisions of the Copyright Act 1987 whether knowingly or unknowingly, OUM shall not be liable for the same in any manner whatsoever and any individual, student, organization, body or group of students of OUM shall be personally liable for all such acts of infringement and shall undertake to indemnity and keep indemnified OUM against all such claims and actions.

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