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List of Theses, Dissertations and Masters Project

Title Statement Year
What motivates the Malaysian workforce : content & process Azhar Ahmad. 2005.
Employees perception on the effectiveness of performance appraisal system - Zafinaz Zahi Ruddin. 2005.
The perceived relationships between organizational climate and job satisfaction among social security organization employees in Sarawak - Philip Sangkan. 2005.
The relationship between job stress and job-related factors among primary school teachers - Gloria Marsh. 2005.
Supervisory communication, job satisfaction and its relationship among employees in the automotive industry - Rashida Mat Rani. 2005.
Perceptions on quality working life among the Royal Malaysian Air Force - Marzuki Abu Bakar. 2005.
Occupational safety and health practices of selected companies in Johor - Sanjeev V. Janardhanan. 2005.
The effect of teacher background characteristics, workplace conditions and compensation on job satisfaction - Amarjit Kaur Mokhtar Singh @ Jaila Singh. 2005.
The age of entrepreneurship : how the education in Malaysia affects youth entrepreneurial characteristics - Yap Kek Onn. 2006.
Factors contributing to panel defects and their correlation in colour picture tube manufacturing - Lim Sui Tar. 2006.
Same bed, different dreams : a case study of JV Offshore Survey Co. Ltd. (a join-ventured company in China) - Loo Luh Shyang. 2006.
The impact of dividend and its changes on stock returns - Teoh Eang Wah. 2005.
Corporate governance and company's performance - Normaliza Kairon. 2006.
Integration of ICT in the teaching of science : an investigation of 45 primary school teachers - Lau Kim Hock. 2006.
Perceptions of service quality : a study among students in Sabah Mara Vocational Institute - Mat Salleh Sulaiman. 2006.
Assessing and developing training & development plan for new hotels : a study based on Royal Adelphi Seremban - Sri Vahlsan. 2006.
The impact of service quality dimensions towards customer's satisfaction in tuition centers - Lim Seng Poh. 2006.
Evaluation of intrapreneurial activity within Puratos, a decentralizing global company - Ir. Paul Baisier. 2005.
Factors influencing family business succession among family-owned small business firms in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - Yong Ken Shung. 2006.
Effect of size and book-to-market on stock returns : evidence in Malaysia - Yee Tat Kong. 2006.
The usage of teaching courseware in teaching and learning of mathematics in secondary schools - Hon May Wan. 2006.
Remote photo gallery with users management - Lim Chee Kian. 2005.
Jenis-jenis rungutan pekerja kilang, kaedah penyelesaian dan kesannya terhadap pekerjaan - Karim Tumin. 2005.
Remote surveillance system - Hafiz Mohd Hanafi @ Omar. 2006.
Talent management : alternative mode of producing quality leaders - Faizah Mohamed. 2006.

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