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Mobile Learning Readiness among Malaysian Students at Higher Learning Institutes
Posted on 29 August 2013 by Shahril Effendi Bin Ibrahim (Senior Librarian)
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Supyan Hussin
Mohd Radzi Manap
Zaini Amir
Pramela Krish
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Canadian Center of Science and Education
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Learning today is beyond the four walls and the Internet environment. The advancement of mobile technology has opened up a myriad of learning opportunities for students in Higher Learning Institutions who need to cope with a complex and demanding learning environment. With this increasing number of mobile phone owners, especially among the student population in Malaysia, educators should look into the possibility of integrating mobile learning into the academic programmes at Institutions of Higher Learning. This paper focuses on basic readiness, skills readiness, psychological readiness and budget readiness of students at two different universities in relation to mobile learning. An online questionnaire survey was used to collect data for this study. The findings revealed that the students are highly familiar with computing skills and they welcome the integration of mobile learning in education. The study also revealed that the students were uncertain as to how much money they needed to spend for the telephone line and Internet line apart from the software and hardware requirements. A discussion on the implications of the findings will also be presented. (Abstract by authors)
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