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Title Post date
Developing Open Educational Resources (OER) for Malaysian classrooms: The HOTS experience 10-Jan-2013
Why Give Knowledge Away for Free? The Case for Open Educational Resources 08-Jan-2013
E-learning in Malaysian Higher Educational Institutions : Status, Trends, and Challenges 08-Jan-2013
Aplikasi web 2.0 dalam pengajaran dan pembelajaran 08-Jan-2013
Comprehensive Assessment of Student Retention in Online Learning Environments 07-Dec-2012
The Role of Academic Advising in Student Retention and Persistence 07-Dec-2012
Overcoming Student Retention Issues In Higher Education Online Programs 30-Nov-2012
Strategies for Increasing Online Student Retention and Satisfaction 30-Nov-2012
The Impact of Face-to-Face Orientation on Online Retention: A Pilot Study 30-Nov-2012
There is no business model for open educational resources: a business model approach 20-Nov-2012
Student satisfaction and retention: are they connected? 20-Nov-2012
Marketing and branding of open and distance learning 20-Nov-2012
Does assessment in open learning support students? 20-Nov-2012
Who am I and what keeps me going? Profiling the distance learning student in higher education 11-Nov-2012
Assessors' approaches to portfolio assessment in Assessment of Prior Learning procedures 11-Nov-2012
Distance education : a systems view of online learning 11-Nov-2012
Open education videos in the classroom: exploring the opportunities and barriers to the use of YouTube in teaching introductory sociology 09-Nov-2012
Open educational resources: staff attitudes and awareness 09-Nov-2012
What constitutes good research in e-learning–are there lessons we can draw from the Research Assessment Exercise? 09-Nov-2012
Facilitating online learning : effective strategies for moderators 01-Nov-2012
Exploring Online Teaching: A Three-Year Composite Journal of Concerns and Strategies from Online Instructors 01-Nov-2012
Ethics and Distance Education: Strategies for Minimizing Academic Dishonesty in Online Assessment 01-Nov-2012
Open Educational Resources 101 01-Nov-2012
Online assessment and measurement : foundations and challenges 01-Nov-2012
Teaching & learning online : new pedagogies for new technologies 27-Oct-2012

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