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Title Post date
Understanding Oder Adult Learners In Distance Education: The Case of Universiti Sains Malaysia 07-Oct-2013
The International Review and Research in Open & Distance Learning (IRRODL) - Special Issue - Open Educational Resources: Opening Access to Knowledge 07-Oct-2013
Measuring use and creation of open educational resources in higher education 07-Oct-2013
Development of an interactive learning management system for Malaysian distance learning institutions 06-Oct-2013
Turning a Resource into an Open Educational Resource (OER) 17-Sep-2013
Engaging learners in an online course : success factors 17-Sep-2013
Ubiquitous computing and online collaborating for open education 06-Sep-2013
Amalan, keberkesanan dan cabaran perlaksanaan e-pembelajaran di IPT Malaysia 06-Sep-2013
Mobile Learning Readiness among Malaysian Students at Higher Learning Institutes 29-Aug-2013
What is a MOOC? 28-Aug-2013
Exploration of open educational resources in non-English speaking communities 06-Aug-2013
Undergraduate students' readiness in E-learning : a study at a Business School in a Malaysian Private University 06-Aug-2013
Moving to open educational resources at Athabasca University: A case study 06-Aug-2013
Reframing basic education to deliver education for all: flexible provision and enabling frameworks 29-Jul-2013
E-learning in Malaysia: Success Factors in Implementing E-learning Program. 25-Jul-2013
Mobile learning : Malaysian initiatives and research findings 25-Jul-2013
Using Biometric Techniques To Secure Online Student Assessment: Comparative Study 20-May-2013
Factors Critical for Learning Management System in On-line Distance Learning (ODL) 17-May-2013
Authentic assessment: What does it mean and how is it instantiated by a group of distance learning academics? 14-May-2013
The Impact of MOOCs on Higher Education 14-May-2013
UdaCity 10-May-2013
Coursera 10-May-2013
eLearning in the USA: The Standard? The Benchmark? 24-Apr-2013
Emerging Patterns in Transferring Assessment Practices from F2F to Online Environments 24-Apr-2013
Immersive Assessment — Can online assessment be made personal? 23-Apr-2013

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